Rolls Royce Whispers : Le Member's Club le plus exclusif au monde

Rolls Royce Whispers: The World's Most Exclusive Member's Club


A symbol of absolute luxury, Rolls Royce is strong with a unique history and heritage that is the spirit of the brand. Born in 1906, the famous British automobile brand immediately possesses an exceptional style and a very strong iconography. The strongest sign?  The "Spirit of Ecstasy", the famous radiator cap depicting a woman with her arms outstretched and her dress floating in the wind, a jewel of Art Nouveau embodying the brand all over the world.
Queen of the luxury car, she obeys today as yesterday the rules that are the founding pillars of the brand, as Henry Royce decreed: "Seek perfection in everything. Take the best of what exists and improve it. And when nothing exists, design it. »
Excellence is also what the brand is going for with the launch of a home made application for its community, its code name: Whispers. Developed in the greatest secrecy, it is now ready to conquer the prestigious owners of the new Rolls Royce models in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States and the Middle East. Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, announced: "It is with great pleasure that we publicly launch our Whispers application, an innovative digital version of the Rolls-Royce House, designed and deployed for more than two years. Whispers is unique. It presents itself as a digital portal to a world beyond the fascinating, where the exceptional mingles with the extraordinary, while meeting the expectations of our eclectic and prestigious client community. Whispers offers extraordinary experiences, rare and desirable products and valuable recommendations shared by our community. »
The application focuses on three key areas: Engaging the Rolls-Royce community around new content, a retail space with the possibility for customers to place special orders or book special events and exclusive access to the world's biggest events (Oscars, festivals or Grammy Awards).
Another special feature of this ultra VIP club is that Whispers functions as a social network, where members can share their points of view, their tastes, their collections... They also have the possibility, through this network, to communicate directly with the members of the Rolls Royce management committee.
The last advantage offered to members is to benefit from the branded honeys of the house. Indeed, since 2017, the British car manufacturer has had its own hives located on its historic site at Goodwood in Sussex. The Rolls Royce bee farm consists of around 250,000 bees in six hives, all identifiable by a metal plate stamped with references to the brand. One is called Spirit of Ecstasy, the name of the mascot, and the others are named after cult models: Phantom, Wraith, Dawn, Ghost and Cullinan.
As Thibaut de La Rivière, director of Sup de luxe, points out, "Reenchantment, exclusivity, loyalty, and between-oneself... The multiplication of VIP Clubs obliges the brand to be original and to offer real opportunities. Rolls Royce Whispers has succeeded in its mission! »