Beauté : Quand le luxe s’empare de la tendance holistique

Beauty: When luxury takes over the holistic trend

Although the beauty sector (perfumery, cosmetics) is in perpetual motion, the trends for 2021 are clear in an already changing market.

Ecological awareness, diversity and new technologies, the major issues seem to have been adopted by the luxury industry, but today it is on a more conceptual and holistic approach that brands are focusing.



The term holistic questions and fascinates. This practice, which consists of considering phenomena as totalities, is today exacerbated by the health crisis and the increasingly thin link between beauty and health.

The followers of holistic beauty consider that we cannot dissociate our appearance from our behavior, our lifestyle, our relationship with nature, our emotions?

Beyond beauty, it is a veritable lexical field, an almost societal movement that has been on the rise in recent years and has been taken over by the luxury industry.


With a 12% increase in the cosmetics industry last year in France, the industry and its innovations are arousing real interest for companies. Brands are seeking to reinvent themselves to offer increasingly immersive experiences, where the human being is at the center of concerns.


Experiences, techniques, approaches, innovations...

A few examples:  

  • Chanel and its "Spa at Home" initiative, which invites its clients to reproduce facial massage techniques at home and enjoy a privileged moment around well-being and appeasement (while using the targeted products).
  • The high-end cosmetics brand "Abhati Suisse" created by Anju Rupal, an environmental activist, who proclaims herself "the most socially responsible brand in the world" and offers increasingly ethical products with a comprehensive approach to beauty. Or more surprisingly, floatation centers to "let go" or meditate in weightlessness in a pool filled with Epsom salt, which wealthy clients (and hotels) love.


Until the creation of boutiques, exclusively reserved for "slow beauty" products, beauty is no longer dissociated from well-being and expectations have changed. Today, it is a question of "living better" and no longer just about improving appearance.

Customers want highly effective products with more sophisticated functions and a more global approach.


Beauté : Quand le luxe s’empare de la tendance holistique 2


As Thibaut de La Rivière, Director of Sup de Luxe, points out: "More than an object of standardization, beauty becomes a formidable lever of creativity where human and ethical values are at the heart of innovations."


The power of the image therefore goes even further, and brands must respond to the new concerns of customers, by providing solutions that are certainly in line with deep values and principles, in order to envisage the beauty of tomorrow.