Every year Chantal Thomass shares her experience with students at Sup de Luxe. The great lingerie designer explains in video why she has been loyal to Luxury High School students for years.... [+]

Laura maison du chocolat

As part of their 1st year of the Bachelor Luxury, students have an internship in a shop to do during the Christmas holidays. Laura Butler was an intern at La Maison du Chocolat. She tells us about... [+]

Echo DOU

Echo DOU, a 2016 graduate of the Global MBA - Luxury Brand Management, launched an e-commerce site aimed at promoting handicrafts from minorities in southern China, including the Miao, in order to... [+]

Courbet founders

Explain us your professional background.
I started at Piaget Switzerland in 1990 and then moved to Piaget Spain in 1993. In 1996, I then took over the management of Piaget France and in 2000... [+]

MBA Global graduation 2018

On July 2nd, the graduates of the Global MBA were congratulated by Georges Papalexis, CEO of Zolotas, also an alumnus of the Global MBA.

The winners of the Global MBA - Luxury Brand... [+]

18 sailors, 30,000 miles, non-stop, solo, unassisted, under 1968 conditions!

To celebrate Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's historic first solo, non-stop round-the-world trip during the Sunday... [+]

graduation MBA spe

On June 22nd, the managers of the brands and luxury brands gathered in the famous salons of the Cercle de l'union interallié to present their diplomas to the students of the 28th promotion of... [+]

Sup de Luxe is ranked #1 in the 2018 ranking of the top 10 French luxury licenses by Eduniversal.


The Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe thus confirms the excellence of its... [+]

Romain Dezaux, a 2005 MBA graduate in Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management, tells us about his professional career in the luxury sector at Richemont and Roger Dubuis since his... [+]

Deauville 2019

Every year the MBA students visit Deauville, a luxury tourist city with its palaces and shops, Festival City, Horse City, Congress City, etc....

The leaders of the Barrière Group and... [+]