MS.c Wine, Spirits and "Art de Vivre" Management

The MS.c Wine, Spirits and "Art de Vivre" Management’s objective is to train and prepare specialized managers, strengthening their sensitivity and competences in the Wine, Spirits & Art de Vivre industries.

October 2021
Full time
1 or 2 year(s)

MS.c Wine, Spirits and "Art de Vivre" Management


The MS.c Wine, Spirits and “Art de Vivre” Management’s objective is to train and prepare specialized managers, strengthening their sensitivity and competences in the Wine, Spirits & Art de Vivre industries. The program blends management culture and methodology with knowledge and specific skills for these sectors and related ones such as hospitality & food management, thanks to the teaching and commitment of the best executives, experts, professionals and academics as well as to a close contact with French excellence.

Our Master of Science in Wine, Spirits & Art de vivre Management offers you management courses applied to these industries and specialized courses in wine, spirits & art de vivre, field projects, and advanced seminars.

At the end of the program, you will:

  • obtain in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of the international business environment in the wine and spirits industry
  • be equipped to deal with existing and emerging technologies in today’s international wine & spirits industry
  • be able to demonstrate original creative thinking and autonomy in developing project ideas when responding to the changing needs of the wine and spirits industry
  • have an understanding of specialist brand development and business practices globally


Degree Awarded

  • Master of Science in Wine/Spirits & Art de vivre Management
  • “Marketing & Sales Manager in luxury goods & services” Professional Certification Level 7 (master’s degree Level) registered in the RNCP and recognized by the French Government


Program’s rationale & goal

Wine, spirits and the French “art de vivre” constitute an ever-changing ecosystem, a fragmented industry, a complex yet fascinating one. To gain an understanding of the product and the marketplace it’s necessary to have solid technical bases, but also to be able to develop an holistic vision of management (Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, Strategy…).

At Sup de Luxe, we rely on a strong faculty which has a fine understanding of the current issues, our researchers, our alumni network, and our strong relationships with the key players of these markets, to pass on knowledge and develop your capabilities. To shape future wine and spirits leaders, we are committed to excellence. That is why there is a strong focus on an industry-linked and project-based mode of study.

The program is open to everyone passionate about the Wine/spirits & “art de vivre” industries and who wants to work in it from a management perspective.


Why joining our Master of Science Wine, Spirits & “Art de vivre” management?

Our Master of Science is made for you if:

  • You aspire to take up a managerial role in the intriguing field of wine, spirits and related industries
  • You want to discover how to be successful in the wine, spirits and “Art de vivre” businesses
  • You want the opportunity to interact with international leaders in these sectors
  • You need to be more specialized in order to progress in your career
  • You are ready for the challenge of a specialized and intense business program
  • You are inspired by France’s cultural heritage and Excellence in these sectors





Semester 1
Ethics and corporate social responsibility
Entrepreneurship ecosystem
Corporate finance
Strategic diagnosis
Management information system and project management
International finance and risk management
End of studies thesis
Career development
Semester 2
Digitization of the international luxury world
Organization of a global luxury event
Marketing strategy 
Communication plan 
Advanced law for international organizations
Conferences and seminars 




3 types of courses:

  • Management courses applied to Wine, Spirits & Art de vivre industries: 5 courses
  • Wine, Spirits & Art de vivre industries: 10 courses
  • Personal and Career development: 3 courses



Understanding Global landscape of the luxury & Wine/Spirits industry

Mastering Business Models within the wine/spirits industry

Legal & regulatory issues in the wine/spirits business

A cultural and historical approach of wine & spirits business

Wine/spirits & Luxury Branding strategy

Corporate Finance & Performance in the Wine/spirits industry

Digital Marketing & E Business in the Wine/Spirits business

French as a foreign language or Chinese

Personal & Career development

  • CV & Cover letter writing
  • Job search Techniques
  • Presentation techniques
  • Personal branding on social media
  • Orientation sessions
  • Transactional analysis
  • MBTI or equivalent

Company visits & Seminars

  • On site visits
  • Fashion Company visits
  • Testimonies
  • Workshops

Research methods

  • The nature and scope of research
  • The research process at postgraduate level
  • Designing a research project
  • Formulating the research question and hypothesis
  •  Critically reviewing the literature
  • Appraising research philosophies, approaches and strategies
  • Conducting primary research: interviews and focus groups, observations, surveys
  • Tools & techniques

Luxury wine & spirits marketing

Introduction to Viticulture, Oenology & sensory analysis

Promotions & Distribution in the wine/spirits business

Tourism & Territorial Marketing

Leveraging interactions between wine, food & hospitality management

Entrepreneurship & Family business in the wine/spirits industry

Food business Management & Marketing


Learning Model

  • Our Master of Science requires a full-time commitment. The lecture calendar includes morning and afternoon sessions, plus on certain days the lectures will extend into the evening.
  • Your learning is guaranteed by an advanced and participatory teaching method that includes lectures, exercises, problem-based learning cases, field projects, corporate visits & seminars and guest speaker sessions.


Sup de Luxe Faculty

  • The cutting edge and international reputation of Sup de Luxe for excellence in management of luxury & fashion makes this program a privileged gateway to these industries.
  • This is also due to the MAFED faculty, composed mainly of top executives and professionals who bring their business expertise into the classroom during the courses and seminars, and thus firmly attach this program to the business world.  In addition, It also employs academics / teachers with a deep knowledge and experience developed over years from either teaching/researching or consulting in these sectors.
  • Corporate & world-class experts/lecturers (illustration)
    • Florence et Daniel Cathiard: Owner, Château Smith Haut Laffite.
    • Alain-Dominique Perrin : Owner, Château Lagrezette
    • François Delahaye: COO, Dorchester Collection & CEO, Dorchester Collection – PDG du Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris
    • Bernard Magrez: President, Grands Vignobles
    • Nathalie Vranken: VP Marketing, Pommery
  • Faculty (illustration)
    • Thibaut de la Riviere: Sup de Luxe Dean, PhD in Law (Fields of Expertise: Patents, Business Models in the luxury industry)
    • Cynthia Illouz: Associate Professor @ EDC Paris Business School, PhD in Marketing (Fields of expertise: Corporate Philanthropy & Digital strategies in luxury industries)
    • Laura Haddad: Associate Professor @ EDC Paris Business School, PhD in Marketing (Fields of expertise: Brand Marketing)
    • Zied Ftiti: Full Professor @ EDC Paris Business School, PhD & HDR in Finance & Econometrics (Fields of expertise: Finance)
    • Stephan Borraz: Affiliate Professor @ Sup de Luxe, PhD in Marketing (Fields of expertise: Cultural dimension of Luxury, Art Culture & Luxury)

Alumni within the Wine/Spirits & Art de Vivre businesses

  • Pierre-Yves Michel : Wine Cellar Manager at Grands Crus Paris
  • Marc-Olivier Laurain: Vice President Sales, EMEA at Bartech EMEA 
  • Christophe Kaczmarek: Founder at Les cuvées décomplexées
  • Tatiana Troubetzkoy:  Head of Global Communications, Digital & Brand Image at Château Margaux
  • Clément Malochet: Sales manager at Chateau d’Esclans
  • Claire-Sophie Martin: Wine & Gastronomy Journalist
  • Romain Plat: Sales Director at Bruno Paillard Champaign
  • Charles Hubert de Lastic Saint Jal: Area manager for Southern Europe & Africa at VSPT Wine Group
  • Gaelle Poggiale :Founder & CEO at Cuillère d’argent (Luxury caterer)
  • Johannah Ayalon: Creation Manager at Saveurs A Kroquer (Gastronomy)
  • Christophe Brucker: Partner at Pole Luxury (consulting company specialized in the distribution of luxury brands)
  • Loris Thibaud : Executive Director at Mariage Frères
  • Aude-Marie Clement: Strategic Marketing Director at Univitis




  • A 3-year bachelor’s degree in any field from a recognized university with strong academic performance or a 4-year bachelor’s degree to enter the second year
  • A good command of English;
    • English Proficiency test for non-native speakers: reach a B2 level according to the CEFR classification (Illustration: minimum score at TOEIC is 750 )
    • Native English speakers or candidates who have had two years of courses taught in English are exempt.
  • No prior knowledge of French is needed; however French language classes are mandatory for non-French speakers as part of the program.
  • A GMAT/GRE score is optional, not mandatory.


Selection Process

  • A selection committee examines the application package considering the candidate's qualifications and professional experience.
  • If the application submission is judged satisfactory, candidates undergo a face-to-face/via Skype, or telephone interview. The interview lasts about 30 minutes is based on a typical job interview.
  • Successful candidates will be admitted based on the application package and the interview.


Selection Timeline

  • The selection process is throughout the year.
  • Applications are examined on a rolling basis and, given the high number of applications, those received much in advance of the deadline have a greater chance of being admitted. Therefore, it is in your best interest to submit your application as early as possible.


*Tuition fees :

 French and international students :

- First year: 13 000€.

- Second year : 20 000€.


- Two years: 33 000 €.


The rate indicated is subject to deductions according to the terms of payment.