Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe / Sup de Luxe - Mission

Institut supérieur de marketing du luxe

N°1 des formations au luxe depuis 30 ans

Sup de Luxe has identified the following main objectives:
  • Build a breeding ground of young managers for the range of professions in the sector, in close cooperation with the brands,
  • Defend the values of luxury while animating and enriching an observatory and a center for research and studies of luxury references on a global scale,
  • Promote a broad general culture of the sector through frequent book publishing.

The Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe has published the following books:
in 2002, Gualino Editions, « Donnez-nous notre luxe quotidien ». This book, written by Valérie Haie, a graduate of the class of 2007, provides a birds’ eye view of the sector’s main trends and developments.
Then in 2011, « Le luxe, entre business et culture », published by France Empire, written by Stephanie Le Bail, a young Sup de Luxe graduate of 2007. This work analyzes the fundamentals of the luxury sector as well as the major upheavals it has experienced over the past 20 years via the following themes: traditional arts and crafts, globalization, the brand merging, communication issues and dealing with counterfeit, the new expectations of clients, the Internet revolution, the fascination of Asia. The author explores the mysteries of this original sector that inspires dreams, delving into its history to examine the source of its constantly renewed creativity.
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