Luxury Food and Wine Management MBA

Become an expert in the marketing, sales and international distribution of global gourmet and oenological products.

Year 1 - SeptemberYear 2 - October
Class and internshipsPossible apprenticeship
Year 1 : €14,500Year 2 : €19,000
1 or 2 year(s)

Luxury Food and Wine Management MBA



The Luxury Food and Wine Management MBA is designed to enable you to understand, understand and master the specific universe of the gourmet food industry.

This programme, which combines gastronomic and oenological know-how with sales, marketing, communication and worldwide distribution techniques, is a key player in higher education.


This program delivers the title of Marketing and Sales Manager in luxury products, registered in the RNCP by decree of 27/12/2018 published in the Official Journal of 04/01/2019 NSF code 312m professional certification level I.​


Gastronomic cultures require a very rich range of skills ranging from a perfect knowledge of traditions, cultures, production models, culinary trends, oenological know-how and both industrial and artisanal processes. This particular universe, which combines emotion and high technicality, can only be deployed by combining excellence throughout the entire value chain, from production to services.

This exceptional world, which counts in the French tradition and is a model recognized by UNESCO, is deployed thanks to a complete mastery of marketing techniques, sales techniques, knowledge of legal data and an analysis of the management models applicable to this sector.


"This program is a fundamental idea and an absolute necessity" Thierry Desseauve Wine journalist

"Defending the image of France but knowing the taste of foreigners" Florence and Daniel Cathiard, owners of Château Smith Haut Laffite.


1st year "Fundamentals"

Master the essential tools to the understanding of marketing and business in the sector of Luxury brands and Homes.

  • From September to July
  • Semester 1 in progress
  • Semester 2 in internship
  • 60 ECTS credits

2nd year

  • Teaching runs from September to July
  • In evening classes: from 18h30 to 21h30, from Monday to Friday and some Saturdays during the year.
  • 60 ECTS credits
  • This schedule allows future graduates to continue their professional activity or to complete one or more internships in companies, a must to reinforce the knowledge of this sector.


Program objectives

The teaching dispensed by the Luxury Food and Wine MBA is designed:

  • To impart all the necessary skills to future marketing, sales and distribution professionals with respect to these high-end products in France and around the world.
  • To provide a pool of young executives and entrepreneurs for the agro-alimentary sector, gastronomy, wines and spirits, in the hotel and restaurant sector.


Teaching methods

  • Integration seminar to forge links between participants at the beginning of the program cycle.
  • Encounters and regular contacts with those who are part of the gourmet world (Key figures).
  • The Grands Témoins (Guest Speakers) are recognized professionals in the sector who come to interact regularly with students.

Among others recently: Jean Pierre Vigati, starred grand chef, Nathalie and PF Vranken, Pommery Vranken Monopole, Jean Vitaux, author of "La gastronomie", Michel Richard, Founder of Chocolat Richard, David Boileau, ambassador of BNIC Cognac, Alain Dominique Perrin, Château Lagrezette, François Delahaye Group Director Dorchester, Bernard Magrez, Bernard Magrez Grands Vignobles...

  • Visits to companies, trade fairs, creative workshops, specialized production centers in the field of gastronomic and oenological sciences.  

Among others: Min de Rungis, Cognac Hennessy, Cognac Delamain, Champagne Pommery, Caviar Petrossian, Chocolat A Ducasse, Chateau Pape Clement, Printemps du gout, La Grande épicerie, Food trip in Paris, Production units and trade fairs such as the Salon du Chocolat, the Salon de l'agriculture, the Salon Gourmet...

  • Study trips

For example: Normandy in Trouville with the participation of Mr Hervé Van Colen, owner of the hotel and restaurants Le Central in Trouville and Le Drakkkar in Deauville, intervention of a fisherman from Coquilles Saint Jacques in November, visit and tasting at the Calvados Drouhin, visit of a model farm with Norman butter and cheese making...

  • Support for the elaboration of each student's professional project.
  • About a hundred alumni graduates of this program have joined major internationally renowned companies in France or abroad, such as La Grande Epicerie, Fauchon, le Ritz Paris, Hediard, Alain Ducasse, Caves du Haut Poitou, Mariages Frères Potel et Chabot, le Bristol, Raynier Marchetti, Pernod Ricard, Baccardi, Cognac Teyssendier, Groupe Gira, Groupe Hilton, Pommery.


Career opportunities

This program leads to a range of business skills:

  • Marketing (Brand manager, Product manager, …)
  • Management (Area manager, Department manager, Brand ambassador, Product and Business Developer, …)
  • Purchasing (Buyer, category manager, …)
  • Communication (Public Relations, Events manager, …)
  • Entrepreneur: Some alumni have created their own company such as Christophe Brucker with a new concept of tasting and selling wines in Bordeaux or Alienor de Menthieres with Appart Gourmand Paris. Others have specialized in Food and Beverage or Wine and Spirits consulting.



1st year

  • General and sectoral knowledge of luxury 
    • History of luxury
    • History of food and wine and spirits brands
    • The different sectors
  • Fundamentals of luxury marketing
    • Introduction to luxury Marketing
    • Strategic and Operational Marketing
    • Experiential marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Visual Merchandising
  • Communication of luxury brands
    • Introduction to communication
    • Understanding the new challenges of the luxury sector
    • Media and non-media communication tools
    • The role of advertising representation and visuals for luxury brands
    • How to perpetuate the vision and history of luxury brands
  • Business fundamentals
    • Luxury markets
    • Distribution methods
    • Operations and team management
  • Operations management
    • Marketing in the luxury industry
    • The characteristics of the luxury industry and the description of positions
    • The customer and the luxury market
    • Brand equity and Brand management
    • Price, distribution and communication in the industry
  • Team management
    • Management & leadership
    • Communication
    • Values
    • Corporate Culture
    • Team building
  • Personal development
    • Public speaking
    • Personal Branding
    • Networking
  • Foreign languages
    • ​Preparation for CVs, cover letter and interview in English
    • "English for Luxury"
  • Annual project
  • 6 Month internship



2nd year

To provide a cultural, social and economic approach to food production and consumption in history and in the world.

  • Economic and environmental realities of gastronomy
    • Weight of the agri-food industries in the world (by sector and country)
    • Presentation of sectoral activities (oenology, food industries, etc.)
    • Main players in the sector worldwide
    • Cultures and tastes / national traditions and standardization of tastes
    • French identity: history of the terroir and typical products
    • Gastronomic tourism, literature and the gastronomic press, food iconography
    • French regional cuisines
    • French wines
    • Wines and spirits of the world
    • World cuisines (China, Italy, Japan, Spain, Brazil, India etc.)
  • Strategies and development of gastronomic businesses
    • Master the techniques and know-how necessary for the successful development of gastronomic companies and the export of their products.
    • Manage with a strategic vision of international business
    • Learn strategies for conquering foreign or global markets
    • Strategy of gastronomic companies
    • Marketing and merchandising of gastronomic products
    • Distribution of gastronomic products
    • Consumers and customers
    • New experimental sites
    • Sale of gastronomic products
    • International trade in gastronomic products
    • Logistics and transport of gastronomic products
    • The quality
    • Communication and advertising of gastronomic products
    • Study of the competition
  • Legal and financial framework for gastronomic companies
    • Right
    • To give future managers the necessary legal knowledge by insisting on the specific requirements of the sector, particularly because of health rules and counterfeiting
    • Management / Finance
    • Understand and master the different financial aspects of the company
  • Grands Témoins (Guest speakers) Conferences
    • Meetings with experts and professionals who come to share their experiences: great chefs, CEOs, journalists, entrepreneurs, headhunters, etc. (see presentation)
  • Seminars
    • Around gastronomic and oenological products, visits to production units, trade shows, study trip in the region... (see presentation)
  • Missions
    • Missions entrusted by companies in the sector
    • Case study (strategy, marketing, export...)
  • Business Case - free choice by the student but supervised with methodological bases
    • ​Around a problem in a sector or a business creation or development project


This MBA is for:

  • French and foreign students holding at least a third-year university level diploma (Bachelor and Master)
  • Professionals wishing to specialize in luxury
  • Entrepreneurs with business creation projects in this field


You can integrate this program

  • In first year, at a third-year university level diploma
  • In second year, at a fourth or fifth-year university level diploma, or a Master
  • For professionals, through the validation of prior learning (VAP) after study of admissibility and interview file


Admission to the Superior Institute of Luxury Marketing takes place in two stages

  • pre-selection from the application file
  • convocation to an individual interview with a jury of professionals of the sector