MBA Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management

Luxury and Sustainable Development specialization

September 2022
Class and internships On site
16,000€ /year*
1 or 2 year(s)

MBA Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management

Luxury and Sustainable Development specialization 


The Sustainability and Luxury specialization within the MBA Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management aims to train and prepare specialized managers, reinforcing their sensitivity, creativity and skills around sustainable development and the circular economy in the luxury world.


First year : "Fundamentals"

Master the essential tools to the understanding of marketing and business in the sector of Luxury brands and Homes.

  • From September to July

  • Semester 1 in progress

  • Semester 2 in internship

  • 60 ECTS credits


Second year

  • From September to July

  • In evening classes: from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, from Monday to Friday and some Saturdays during the year.

  • 60 ECTS credits

  • This schedule allows future graduates to continue their professional activity or to complete one or more internships in companies, a must to reinforce the knowledge of this sector.



Supervised by its professors, lecturers and its powerful network of professionals Sup de Luxe launched, in September 2016, the Design Management Project by Sup de Luxe. This transversal and professionalising module gives the keys to learn how to work in project mode, in the new conditions encountered by the manager and the companies today. The Design Management Project by Sup de Luxe prepares and trains future managers for these new challenges.

The main objectives:

  • Learn how to pilot a project

  • Become familiar with new innovative methods

  • Work in a professional and demanding way

  • Develop Team Building

A varied and innovation-oriented pedagogy:

  • Lectures

  • Codesign group workshops for situational role plays

  • Meetings with professionals.

Design Management is a global process of organization of the company.


This program delivers the title of Marketing and Sales Manager in luxury products and services, registered in the RNCP**  by decree of 26/01/2022, NSF code 312m - professional certification level 7.

** The granting of the RNCP title is the responsibility of the certifier and is subject to a specific procedure.


  • Number of students: 81

  • Satisfaction rate: 4,6/5

  • Integration rate: 96

  • Dropout rate: 0.99%

  • Return rate to the survey: 100%

(source: satisfaction and insertion surveys conducted by the school)


Validation of acquired experience (VAE) :

Working professionals can apply to have their skills acquired in a professional situation recognized through a VAE process subject to an application being submitted more than 9 months before the graduation jury.

For more information, please contact our Admissions Department by email at or by phone at +33 (0)7 64 77 50 51


Classes will be held on the Paris La Villette campus (15 rue de Cambrai 75019 Paris).

If you have a disability, please visit our Accessibility page.


For more information, contact us.



First year

  • General and sectoral knowledge of luxury 
  • Fundamentals of luxury marketing
  • Communication of luxury brands
  • Business fundamentals
  • Operations management
  • Team management
  • Personal development
  • Foreign languages
  • Annual project
  • 6 Month internship


Second year

Marketing & Communication

  • Marketing
  • Specific demands of communication in the luxury sector
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Management / Finance
  • Ethics and Governance

Luxury and Sustainable Development


    • Major changes in the luxury sector
    • Socially engaged, responsible luxury
    • Traceability: new uses of technology in the luxury sector
    • New client categories
    • Luxury and sustainable development: a contradiction in terms?
    • Anti-waste laws and managing unsold stock
    • Economic impact of the development of recycling and upcycling
    • Examining the business model of luxury fashion
    • From diversification to the creation of genuine brand ecosystems
    • The impact of luxury lifestyles and the luxury industry

    General subjects

    • History of luxury
    • Coaching
    • Professional and personal development

    Some courses may be in English.

    For more details on the programme, please fill in our information request form.


    Learning model

    The program will consist of theoretical courses, lectures and internships.

    The methods of evaluation are : Continuous, partial, and DMP.



    The MBA Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management allows students to acquire skills related to different professions, such as :

    • Marketing manager
    • Development manager or group manager
    • Brand or product manager
    • Head of sector or head of department
    • Purchasing manager
    • Production manager
    • Visual merchandising manager
    • Press officer
    • Public Relations, Event Manager
    • Brand manager


    Alumni testimonies


    "It was an enriching year with a lot of great encounters that allowed me to appreciate what the world of luxury represents and its tremendous potential for influence and growth."

    Marine Monloubou, 2014


    "The interest and benefits of this course lie in its content: courses presented by professionals from the luxury sector who know what they are talking about, and Grands Témoins conferences presented by essential pillars of this industry."

    Albane Weber, 2019


    Admission requirements

    You can integrate this program :

    • In first year, at a third-year university level diploma
    • In second year, at a fourth or fifth-year university level diploma, or a Master


    Candidates profile

    This MBA is for :

    • French and foreign students holding at least a third-year university level diploma or RNCP level 6 title
    • Professionals wishing to specialize in luxury
    • Entrepreneurs with business creation projects in this field


    Selection process

    • Pre-selection from the application file
    • Convocation to an individual interview with a jury of professionals of the sector

    The selection process continues throughout the year


    *Tuition fees :

     French and international students :

    • 32,000€ for two years 
    • 18,500€ for the second year alone

    The rate indicated is subject to deductions according to the terms of payment.


    For more information, feel free to contact us on the Admissions number at the bottom of our website, or by filling out a contact form.