Sonia Rykiel lives again! Last July, the house of Saint Germain des prés closed its doors for lack of a buyer. It reopens today, under the leadership of the Dayan brothers, co-founders of the private Showroom e-commerce site.
In December 2019, Eric and Michel Dayan acquired the rights to the house: "We are very proud to announce the acquisition of this iconic and universal brand whose creations are so identifiable and whose values are so contemporary". And it is on May 6, 2020, that they officially became the buyers of the Sonia Rykiel group. They thus acquire the three brands: Sonia Rykiel, Rykiel Homme and Sonia by Sonia Rykiel. They will also own the intangible assets related to the world of fragrance, beauty and lifestyle.


Sonia Rykiel, a French heritage

The duo clearly shows its will to make the House of Sonia Rykiel shine in France and abroad, to allow it to remain a jewel of French heritage.
This house, born in 1968, is also the symbol of the woman of the time and her claims. Sonia Rykiel imagines a woman who is elegant but free, chic but never uptight... free from all the dictates of fashion and trends, adopting freedom of gesture and freedom of attitude. The clothes are both elegant and easy to wear, and it's an immediate success that will last 51 years!
This style, so unique, will become a movement in art and especially in fashion. Founded in 1968, Rykielisme will be the movement that advocates the liberation of women through sensuality, intelligence and irreverence. Rykielism is the freedom to be oneself, it is a way of life, chic and offbeat. Wherever there are women in love with freedom, Rykielism emerges.


Today, Eric and Michel Dayan are going to revive this spirit and have at heart to "perpetuate this magnificent house by combining heritage and modernity". They have announced that they are thinking about the artistic direction and working on an ambitious and innovative revival project, where the house's signature mesh will hold a very special place. The reopening of its social networks is also planned for this weekend.



With a strong digital DNA, the Dayan brothers have reactivated the brand's presence on the net, notably on the Instagram account with posts featuring the brand's must-haves, the famous stripes, word-totems and also quotes from the founder. Conveying the brand's key values, Eric and Michel Dayan attract the brand's fans on social networks. The figures? 450000 subscribers on Instagram, 140000 on Twitter and 90000 on Facebook. Loyal to their unifying and inspiring brand, the community will soon have the pleasure of finding the brand in stores.
As Thibaut de La Rivière, director of Sup de Luxe, points out, "A beautiful brand never dies. And a capital, built over time with a strong image of sympathy and a true identity, retains its value from generation to generation".


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