Meeting with Thibaut de La Rivière, Director of the Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe, who gives us his pragmatic vision of the luxury world and the keys to access it.

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Sup de Luxe was in the spotlight this Saturday morning in Télématin. Anissa Arfaoui presents Sup de Luxe in her column "another school". Meeting with Alain Dominique Perrin to discuss the luxury... [+]

Like a Renaissance prince Giampiero Bodino received a Sup de Luxe at his Villa Mozart in Milan.

With the Master Creator no Marketing... There creation, the exceptional and the unique are... [+]

What is your background?

Bianca Bigeard: After studying Tourism and Hospitality in Brazil, I learned French and in 2007 I followed a MBA Sup de Luxe.

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"I deliberately waited, to write this text, for the only French organization that classifies training in luxury professions to publish its 2016 list. I didn't want evil spirits to think that I was... [+]

In 2016, the Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe remained at the top of the best Luxury Management training courses, confirming the excellence of its programmes and its reputation.

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When Sup de Luxe talks to its students about exceptional gastronomic products and more particularly Caviar... it is the famous Armen Petrossian of the eponymous House created in Paris in 1920 who... [+]

The students of the Bachelor Luxury (class of 2018) started their academic year on 15 September.

Their sponsor, Matthieu Castellano, retail manager Cartier, Sup de Luxe 2011, has... [+]

Offer yourself a "My First" or a "My Preference".

The jewellery and watchmaking company Poiray celebrates its 40th anniversary. Renowned for its watch with... [+]

Sup de Luxe is awarded first place in the 2015 ranking of the top 10 French luxury management training courses. [+]